Saliva Drug testing is a technique to diagnose the saliva to detect the use of various drugs. It is mostly used for the purpose of exposing the recent usage of drugs rather than past use of drugs. Many workplaces use the saliva the drug test to identify that their employees do not suffer from drug addictions which can harm them as well as the people around them. If you are concerned about how to pass a saliva drug test then there is not much to worry about because one’s saliva generally turns to be drug free in about 12-24 hours.

Since the saliva drug test is relatively persistent, less costly and also safer than the urine or blood tests, hence it is quite easy to work on how to pass a saliva drug test. The commonly used drugs like Tetrahydrocannabinol, marijuana, nicotine, opioids, cocaine, heroin etc. can be easily discovered in the saliva by saliva drug test. To know how to pass a saliva drug test the first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind is to have a proper mouth environment before the test. In Saliva drug test, a small padding is put between the lower cheek and the gums and left for two minutes. After the saliva is soaked in, the pad is removed and diagnosed.

How fast your saliva will get rid of the drugs and how to pass a saliva drug test mainly depends on the incidence of your drug use. Smoking, intake of any king of drug or excessive use of alcohol should be totally avoided before the test. Marijuana addicts must not be ingested within three to five days of the test. The lesser drugs you use, the higher are the chances of how to pass a saliva drug test. Mints can help to reduce the concentration of drugs in your mouth. You may also chew on ice to keep your mouth refreshed just before the test. Proper brushing, rinsing the mouth and throat by gargling and flossing provides an aid in how to pass a saliva drug test. Drink more and more water and fluids that will swill out the toxins and facilitate proper metabolism of drugs. Good amount of Exercise helps in sweating and hydration.

The key to how to pass a saliva drug test is to avoid the intake of junk food items because they decelerate the process of detoxification. Rather focus in taking more amounts of carbohydrates, high-proteins, vegetables like cabbage, cauliflowers, and carrots. You should avoid starving as it will slow down the rate of metabolism in your body. Also the domestic cures such as tea, coffee, green tea, lukewarm water combined with vinegar, cucumber etc. acts as antioxidants in detoxifying your mouth and helps you in knowing how to pass a saliva drug test.